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  • Find a task that matches your skillset

  • Write some code in a cloud-hosted editor

    Don't worry, everything will be setup and waiting for you!

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    The client can see your cloud-hosted dev server. We'll take it from here!

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Work as much or as little as you want from wherever you want. Engagements are part-time, short-term, and remote.
We currently accept software engineers who specialize in the React.js ecosystem.

Work with industry leading startups

Our clients are early stage companies who need the flexibility of freelancing, but also need to protect their intellectual property.

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Intellectual property is protected by a secure coding platform so that working relationships can remain flexible. Freelancers work in a cloud hosted workspace to reduce time spent context switching between projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cottage is a part time freelancing platform for software engineers and data scientists. Freelancers are typically remote and clients are usually early stage startups.

Cottage focuses on short term, part time freelancing engagements and caters to freelancer availability.
Thanks to our integration with Strong Network, clients don't have to worry about compromising their intellectual property and can open their source code to secure contributions from a large number of part time, remote workers.
Both of these features differentiate Cottage among other freelancing platforms and provide freelancers and clients with a greater degree of flexibility.

Cottage currently accepts software engineers and data scientists who wish to work remotely on a part time basis.

We have plans to support User Experience Designers as well as Product Managers in the future. However, our beta launch will only include software engineers.

Clients post tasks to a task board and freelancers get to choose which tasks to take on. Upon signing up and completing onboarding, freelancers will be granted access to the task board and can begin engagements with clients.

Enter your email in the field below and click "Submit". The Cottage team will reach out to personally assist with onboarding.

Enter your email in the field below and click "Submit". The Cottage team will reach out to personally assist with onboarding.

Strong Network is Cottage's infrastructure to enable innovation at a global scale. Freelancers contribute swiftly while companies retain control of their intellectual property.

  • For freelancers: No environment set-up, work on any device, blazing fast Cloud IDE's (VSCode, JetBrains, etc)
  • For companies: Zero-trust access control to respositories, data loss prevention

Yes! We establish clear acceptance criteria with clients and ensure that such criteria is included in tasks.

Within the context of Cottage, a "task" is a request from a client to write a certain amount of code. They typically take anywhere from two-to-sixteen hours to complete.

No, one task per freelancer at a time. We value talent and a commitment to engineering excellence and do not want to commoditize the freelancing experience.

See what the buzz is all about

Hi there,

Dealing with clients as a freelancer is hard.

Negotiating prices can be uncomfortable and following up on invoices can suck valuable time out of the day.

On top of that, what if you get bored of one client and want to move on without burning bridges?

That's why we built Cottage - to take the pain out of freelancing as a software engineer.

Over the past 6 months, we've helped numerous developers transition into freelancing without having to deal with clients. I'd love for you to give it a try.

-Hunter Hodnett, Co-Founder and CEO